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Aug 24, 2018 at 08:09 PM

Problem during submitting RFEBKA00 using repository files


Dear Experts,

To automate the EBS Process, I am creating a custom Program which is Submitting program RFEBKA00 passing files from reporsitories. Requirement is we will fetch files from repository (Could have 100s of files at a times) and lauch the FF_5 in background, and based on result I will move the File to error Folder or Processed Folder.

I am Submitting the RFEBKA00 then coming back to check the status of Job (TBTCO-STATUS) if it is 'F' then moving the file to Processed.

But as RFEBKA00 generates another Job RFEBKA00-EL BANK STATEM that Job ask files from same path gets failed, because I moved the file from the location.

1. How Can I put wait for this second job RFEBKA00-EL BANK STATEM before taking any action on file?

2. As I will have multiple files means Multiple jobs, Is there any way to get relation between RFEBKA00 and its corresposning RFEBKA00-EL BANK STATEM ?

Thank You in advance for your answers,

Deepak SINGH