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Jun 25, 2009 at 10:45 PM

What program is used by Trx F110 to make the report text file?


Hello everybody!

Do you know what is the program used by trx F110 (Automatic Payment transactions) to create the flat text file in the Operating System? I know that, in case of a payment method 'C' (check), SAP can print the check using the programs that appear at Printout/data medium tab (listed in the Form printing/DME box). But the issue is that the check is printing the street address of the vendor, not the one of the ALTERNATIVE PAYEE, in this case the payee is one of the vendor customers, but the check does not print the customer address.

I would be glad if I could find the txt file creator program, due the information is sent to the printing program is at this file, so I become able to investigate the behavior of the program. Further beyond: do you know why F110 is not able to print the address of a customer of the vendor when making checks with alternative payee being one of their customers? Thank you and regards!