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Jun 25, 2009 at 09:19 PM

Help for a newbie using the SAP tutorial


Hi All,

This is the first time i have picked up the SAP SDK and I am following the tutorial that is in the the help document that is installed with the SDK installation.

Under the developers guide section > Tutorial: Blanket Agreement Solution

I have worked down to Part 4 and I am stuck on step 1 (create an installer)

Towards the end of the page it talks about creating a new project and to opening line is: "Add the BlanketAgreement.exe file to the project and change its Build Action to Embedded Resource."

Can somebody give me some help here please because upuntil now there has been no mention of the BlanketAgreement.exe.

Equally can anybody suggest some more tutorials that will help be get into the SDK.

Many thanks,