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Aug 23, 2018 at 12:18 PM

Error while selling asset


Dear Experts,

We have an error while selling asset at (F-92) Client implemented SAP S4/HANA on Feb 2017 (Fiscal Year-2016) and all asset related data were uploaded from legacy during the same time. During upload some of the assets in legacy were completely depreciated and since the client were using it even after completely depreciated and to keep track of the asset, they have uploaded those assets as well with original APC and AD (as same amount) and NBV was zero.

For Example APC 1000 and AD -1000.NBV=0. During carry forward from 2016 to 2017 everything looked fine and the client has closed the asset year 2016.

At present (2018), Client wants to sell the asset and system displays the following message.

“Fiscal year change to 2017 not carried out for asset 1000 xxxxx in area 01”

Even though SAP allows 2 consecutive asset years to be kept open, since some friends suggested to open 2016 and we tested in quality system and tried. However system displays error that more than 2 years are open.

Screenshot -OAAQ

Considering the above details, can anyone suggest how and asset in 2016 can be brought to 2017 and later 2018 and can be sold or scrapped. All your help will be appreciated. Thanks


asset-1.png (101.6 kB)
asset-2.png (36.6 kB)