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Jun 25, 2009 at 08:58 PM

MaxDB Support for Data Volumes Residing on Multiple AIX Volume Groups


We need to add more data volumes to a MaxDB 7.6.04 database running on AIX but the AIX volume group we had been using for adding data volumes in the past has reached its Max PV limit of 32. Our AIX Administrator says we need to use another AIX volume group. Can MaxDB handle data volumes that are spread across multiple AIX volume groups? I did not find anything in the Database Administration for MaxDB manual that said we couldnu2019t do this.

I ask because I happened to notice at every startup of MaxDB where it lists the parameters being used, there is a DATA_VOLUME_GROUPS=1 parameter. I could not find documentation on this parameter in any of the MaxDB manuals nor is it listed as a parameter in the Configuration section of the DBMGUI. I am concerned this parameter might have something to do with how many volume groups can be used by MaxDB data volumes. Does anyone know what the DATA_VOLUME_GROUPS=1 parameter means?