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Jun 25, 2009 at 08:08 PM

FS on Journal Entry


Hi Guys

I have created a Formatted Search on the Journal Entry, it selects the segment from my account using a substring to return the last three characters. The FS works it just doesn't update as the user enters more lines on the Journal, that is problem 1 but i will force the user to update this using another SP if i cannot get it to work.

The main issue i have is that i have a SP that will check the FS and if the FS Value on all the lines is not the same, ie diff segments then the SP will trigger and block the Journal, however my SP does not work?

JE Intercompany

if @object_type = '30' and @transaction_type IN ('A', 'U')


DECLARE @InterCompany as varchar(10)

Select @InterCompany = Transid from jdt1 where jdt1.U_Segment = 'BLM' and jdt1.U_Segment = 'VER' AND transid = @list_of_cols_val_tab_del

IF (@InterCompany <> '' )


select @error = 1, @error_message = 'You Cannnot Create Inter Segment Journal Entries, Make Sure Debit and Credit are Both from SAa'