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Jun 25, 2009 at 07:48 PM

BUS2081 - Reprocess Rejected Items



I have a situation I could use some guidance on.

We are using workflow BIS2081 for MIR7 workflow approvals. It works correctly for normal processes, aka input, first approver, second approver, posted.

The issue is when either the first or second approver rejects the work item. A notification is sent to the end user and they can process the invoice from the work item in their inbox. However, if they simply hit save as complete, and manually complete the work item, the invoice is still assigned to them, even though they have no work item in their inbox. It doesn't retrigger the wf to move the invoice to the first level approver. (this can lead to 'lost invoices'). If the user saves, then saves as complete, it works, the existing work flows are completed and a new one is started. this is our current work around.

The users would like to be able to open the item from their inbox, make the necessary changes, and then save as complete to and have the work item go to the first level approver and then process as normal.

suggestions on where to start?

I have added a start event on COMPLETEDCHANGED, but if I put the start condition otheractivewf = y, it doesn't start, if I leave the start condition off, I end up with two, (or three, or four or... ) running workflows but get the desired behavior (until the document posts, then all the active work flows try to post and all but one error out, not a desirable condition).

Any other ideas?

thanks in advance