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Jun 25, 2009 at 07:15 PM

how to stop and process idocs temporarily.


We have inbound idocs that are coming into R/3 from ICH system and creating inbound deliveries.

Scenario : [ICH sends ASN] ---> [ XI ] ---> {creates inbound delivery in R/3 }

How ever the inbound deliveries are created with errors.

My Idea is : I want to stop/fail idocs.

1). I want to process the above idocs using we19 tool to create inbound delivery.

2). So that using we19, I can debugg the idoc by runing in foreground and I can correct the error in userexit in debugg ( so that it creates inbound delivery with out error ).

So how can the inbound idocs stop ?

or make the Idocs to fail in R/3(may be by asking ICH system to send with wrong date or so)...\

Thanks in advance.