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Jun 25, 2009 at 04:14 PM

rtf "highlight" does not print in a memo field



Our users want to use the rtf highlight feature in text that will appear on their reports in memo fields.

The rtf hightlight feature is a tag that will cause the text to have a yellow background. For example,

your text font could be blue and if you also format with the highlight feature the background color will be

yellow and the foreground color will still be blue.

(in Ms-Word the highlight toolbar icon is a pencil over a yellow background)

When the report is run on the data in the memo field, the yellow does not appear in the memo field,

only the text.

I am aware that Crystal reports has a highlight expert. However our users are formatting text

to be saved in rtf format outside of Crystal reports. They might have saved a file of three lines from an rtf editor that becomes a memo field from the database.

In their editor they see this..


line2 (has yellow background)


In the Crystal report memo field they see this...


line2 (no yellow background)


Is this a known problem and if so is there a workaround or some feature of the designer that I am not

aware of.

Thank you,