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Jun 25, 2009 at 03:47 PM

ALV event handle_data_changed after selecting F4 value


Hi Gurus.

My problem is that i have a field in ALV grid based on whose value i need to make another field in the same row either editable or non-editable.

To be specific, there is field for 'rent type' which can have value ST, SP or blank and based on the input value of field the other field of 'base rent' should be available for entry in case of Value SP else it should be uneditable with default value of rent copied from another rental field.

Problem is that events handle_data_changed & handle_data_changed_finished gets triggered only if i try to do F4 on 'rent type' field but after selecting the value neither of them get triggered. My concern also if user doesn't choose F4 but directly enters the value SP or ST without using F4.

How to handle this situation via ALV grid event ? Please help.