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Jun 25, 2009 at 03:29 PM

Brrestore issue in HP IVM server



We are having an issue while restoring data from the backup. (SAP ECC 6.0 - Unicode / Oracle 10g / HP-UX 11.23)

when try to restore oracle datafiles from the backup of our production, all the files which are restored are 8192 Bytes less in size compared to our production backup, so when we startup oracle we are facing issues.

We have compared the filesystem properties itu2019s the same as production and also its set to largefiles=yes.

We tried restored the previous day's backups but all files restored are one block (8192 Bytes) less in size.

Say for example if the system datafile original size is 2147491840 Bytes the size after restoration in the target system is 2147483648 Bytes, which is 8192 Bytes less.

Our Target system is running in IVM (virtual host).

When we restore the same backup to a physical standalone system, the data is restored correctly.

Do we need to make any special changes at unix / filesytem level to make the restore files correct with exact size?

Given below is the fstyp of our IVM sytem filesystem

  1. fstyp -v /dev/vg01/lvol2


version: 5

f_bsize: 8192

f_frsize: 1024

f_blocks: 125829120

f_bfree: 36536857

f_bavail: 34253304

f_files: 9134500

f_ffree: 9134212

f_favail: 9134212

f_fsid: 1073807362

f_basetype: vxfs

f_namemax: 254

f_magic: a501fcf5

f_featurebits: 0

f_flag: 16

f_fsindex: 9

f_size: 125829120

The init<SID>.sap file contents are

backup_mode = all

restore_mode = all

backup_type = offline_force

backup_dev_type = tape

backup_root_dir = /oracle/TU3/sapbackup

stage_root_dir = /oracle/TU3/sapbackup

compress = hardware

compress_cmd = "compress -c $ > $"

uncompress_cmd = "uncompress -c $ > $"

compress_dir = /oracle/TU3/sapreorg

archive_function = save

archive_copy_dir = /oracle/TU3/sapbackup

archive_stage_dir = /oracle/TU3/sapbackup

tape_copy_cmd = dd

disk_copy_cmd = copy

stage_copy_cmd = rcp

pipe_copy_cmd = rsh

dd_flags = "obs=64k bs=128k"

dd_in_flags = "ibs=64k bs=128k"

saveset_members = 1

copy_out_cmd = "dd ibs=8k obs=64k of=$"

copy_in_cmd = "dd ibs=64k obs=8k if=$"

rewind = "mt -t $ rew"

rewind_offline = "mt -t $ offl"

tape_pos_cmd = "mt -t $ fsf $"

tape_size = 180000M

tape_size_arch = 180000M

exec_parallel = 0

tape_address = /dev/rmt/1mn

tape_address_arch = /dev/rmt/1mn

tape_address_rew = /dev/rmt/1mb

tape_address_rew_arch = /dev/rmt/1m

expir_period = 2

tape_use_count = 100

volume_archive=(TU3A01, TU3A02, TU3A03, TU3A04, TU3A05,

TU3A06, TU3A07, TU3A08, TU3A09, TU3A10,

TU3A11, TU3A12, TU3A13, TU3A14, TU3A15,

TU3A16, TU3A17, TU3A18, TU3A19, TU3A20,

TU3A21, TU3A22, TU3A23, TU3A24, TU3A25,

TU3A26, TU3A27, TU3A28, TU3A29, TU3A30)

volume_backup=(TU3B01, TU3B02, TU3B03, TU3B04, TU3B05,

TU3B06, TU3B07, TU3B08, TU3B09, TU3B10,

TU3B11, TU3B12, TU3B13, TU3B14, TU3B15,

TU3B16, TU3B17, TU3B18, TU3B19, TU3B20,

TU3B21, TU3B22, TU3B23, TU3B24, TU3B25,

TU3B26, TU3B27, TU3B28, TU3B29, TU3B30)

Can anyone help on this regard

Thanks & Regards