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Jun 25, 2009 at 01:59 PM



I need to extract COPA and build COPA in BI.

I have enough knowledge about how to extract COPA from R3. But at the BI side, I am not exactly clear what you guys normally do.

I searched Business content, there are 4 infocubes delivered (0COPA_C01, 02,03,04). Obviously those are based on standard COPA characteristics and key figures. Every project will have to add their own key figures/characteristics if necessary.

Here are my questions:

(1) How useful are 0COPA_C01, 0COPA_C03 (quickstart), 0COPA_C04? normally how many more characteristics/key figures do we need to add?

(2) Are these cubes follow account-based model or key-figure based model?

(3) In case I want to use these cubes, should I modify them directly or should I copy them to a Z cube and then modify the Z cube. Is there any delivered transformation (update rule, transfer rule) for these cubes. If there is, in case I copy to a z cube, I will also have to copy the rules.

(4) How useful are those delivered queries and workbooks?

(5) As COPA is always customized, do I expect a lot of customization? ( I mean comparing with other modules).

Thank you a lot for your advice.