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Jun 25, 2009 at 10:03 AM

How to remove Variable-Values prior to transporting to prod-system?


Hi specialists,

I've got the following problem:

We've got a mixed BEx-client-environment with user using BEx 3.5 as well as BEx 7.x.

So I create workbooks with BEx-Analyzer 3.5 and transport them from the developement-system to the production-system.

The problem: Obviously the variable-selection that I used at last in the developement-system is saved in the workbook. So let's say I tested the query in the dev-system with "DE01" as value for the company_code on the variable screen, then this value is saved in the workbook and transported to the prod-system.

In the production-system the value is not replaced anymore by the users permitted company-code values (the variable is based on the users permissions), but the user has to remove this "DE01" manually and has to enter all his personal company-codes manually - which makes the permission-bases-variable senseless.

Even if I clear all variable-values in the developement system (which is not possible for mandatory variables) prior to saving the workbook, the issue is the same: This time empty fields are presented in the prod-system, but the permission-based-variable isn't set correctly - the field stays empty (=exactly as it was when I saved the workbook in the dev-system).

So, how can I clear the variable-screen-values before I save and transport the workbook to the prod-system? The only way (and it is certainly not the recommended one) i found: If I cancel the query at once after having confirmed the variable-screen and save/transport that query, then the variables seem to be really empty and the permission-based variables in the prod-system work.