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Aug 29, 2018 at 07:02 AM

Depreciation areas with different fiscal year variants in S/4HANA


We are implementing S/4HANA New Asset Accounting. The leading leger is based on US GAAP with fiscal year variant 4-4-5, whereas the local ledger uses the standard K4 calendar year variant.

The problem is that New Asset Accounting has limitation that FY variants in all depreciation area need to have same start date. I found the solution in note

2220152 and created dummy ledger with same FY variant (4-4-5) as the leading ledger, marked it representative and it works. Also notes 2220152 and 2490222 explain that reporting from ACDOCA is needed on ledger level, as asset reports show only aluation based on the leading ledger FY variant.

This is OK in terms of periods shown in ledgers in ACDOCA, but the depreciation amounts posted in all ledgers are the same - even in depr. area with K4 variant the depreciation amount is not the same each month - as it is using the 4-4-5 periods. This is wrong, is there workaround to have the corect depreciation amounts based on the correct FY variant? Or perhaps it is fixed in the new S/4HANA 1808?