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Jun 25, 2009 at 09:47 AM

Mixed languages within EP


Hi everybody.

We are working in a SAP HR project. The users access the content via SAP EP. The problem is that in our production environment, several contents of the portal appear in english, even if the use language is in spanish, catalan or french.

The masthead (Bienvenido username) and the toolbar (buscar -search- ) appear in the user language. However the navigation bar appears in mixed languages: all the 'content provided by SAP' appears in english (System Administration, User Administration ....) . The content we have added (HR iviews I think) is in the correct language


The Content area, for instance the iviews related with the editors of the portal content studio appear in english, but the navigation tree of the PCD is in spanish (not the upper tabs 'search' and 'browse').

I must say that in our development and integration environments we don't have that problems, but in that environments UME is not configured against ABAP.

Please, could you ask me to the following questions:

1) I understand that SAP EP installs al the supported languages by default, and there is no need to explicitely install spanish during the installation, or to activate spanish after the installation (property Master Language Services from the Locale Services).

2) I have checked the iView property forcedLanguageRequest for the UWL iView. It is in english, that makes sense. Unfortunatelly we can not change the language and it is also in english in the integration and development environments. Could it be overriden by a Delta Link, by a Page or by a Role or Workset ?

3) I think that the problem can be related to the ABAP UME configuration. However the changes on the user languages made in ABAP are reflected on the parts of the portal that are not in english, and the content provided by the HR on R/3 is also in the right language.

Thanks in advance.