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Jun 25, 2009 at 09:11 AM

Change in Transfer Order for Storage Type & bin



I want to change destination bin change during TO Creation. Steps are given below.

a) SPRO : Storage type setting: Two options are t there in stock placement section

Storage bin cannot be changed during confirmation

1 Storage bin can be changed during confirmation

I set it to 1.

b) LT06 : TO Created.

c) LT12: TO Confirmation: TO lines are coming grayed out. We can not change Destination storage bin, storage type , and section.

Could you please advice me how to change TO Bins change during confirmation.

Clients requirement: System will pick bin automatically. Print will be taken for this. Once placement is done & some of material are not kept as per TO Bin number. its a different bin,. Now User want to change bin number during TO Confirmation.

Thanks ,