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Aug 28, 2018 at 09:14 AM

TM creation of freight units for sales order positions


Dear TM-Experts,

After execution of all TM-integration settings I can build freight units when sales order (VA01) will be created:

Example: 1 sales order with 2 items:

I get one freight unit with 2 positions:

Well it works so far, but my question is: is it possible that one freight unit will be created for every sales order item and NOT for the whole sales order?

Honestly I thought, that this settings in freight unit build rule is responsible for such a split:

But even with this setting I get only one freight unit for the whole sales order.

Could you give me any tips for this?

Thanks in advance and BR.



temp.jpg (106.2 kB)
test.jpg (40.7 kB)
temp.jpg (24.7 kB)