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Jun 25, 2009 at 07:17 AM

Fund Management


Hi Everyone,

Can anybody help in Fund Management config steps,

I wanted to implement Fund Management and satisfy below requirement.

Below is client's requirement.

Note: Commitment check will be available for Expense only. It will not be available for notional postings like Depreciation and assessments, Clearing GL accounts.

Availability Control is available at following Transaction postings:

GL expense postings

Procurement material / service transaction

Availability checks:

Three types of availability control options can be done. For example:

1. 80% utilization = Warning message.

2. 90% utilization = Warning with mail to the responsible person

3. 100% utilization = Error message.

The availability control is set for a FM area generally. The facility to do checks for specific combinations of Fund Center and Commitment is provided.

The following scenarios/documents are identified, where payment budget to be captured and Budget availability check to be performed:

Scenarios Type of Budget Availability checks possible

Direct FI entries Blocking or Warning

MM direct expenses booking Blocking or Warning

MM Procurement transactions Blocking or Warning

Planning Process

Plan Data will be initially keyed in at Cost Center level and stored in version 0. The plan data so captured will be summarized at the Organization level and the normalization process will be initiated (viz., running up / down the plans and submitting to corporate for approval and obtaining their concurrence etc) and approved plan will be transferred to version 01

Once the Budgets are approved the same will be copied to FM component as approved budgets as annual values.

Note: All Budgets will have a time span applicability of one year and unexpired budgets will not be carried forward.