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Jun 25, 2009 at 06:12 AM

Assets Cut Off Value


Dear All SAP Asset Masters, & SAP Constultants

We upload the Assets through T. Code AS91 & AS94. At the time of uploading process system shows an error related with Assets Scrap Value because that asset we assign depreciation key with 5% scrap value and we are uploading more than 95% accumulated depreciation value so at that time we replace Scrap Value percentage from 5% to 0% which we maintain in Define Cut off Value key for which path shown -->Financial Accounting --> Assets Accounting -->Depreciation Key -->Valuation Method --> Further Setting à Define Cut off value key and after doing that we upload all assets.

After uploading assets value we again reset Scrap Value percentage from 0% to 5% in Cut Off Value Key and after that we take the depreciation run at year end. In last year system shows us proper 5% scrap value for all uploaded assets. But now in this year system does not show 5% scrap value against that all uploaded assets for which depreciation key is maintain for 5% scrap value but it takes 100 % depreciation instead of 5% scrap value to be retained in asset as per depreciation key assign. Also system does not shows Acquisition Value & Accumulated Depreciation for next year.

Please Suggest,