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Aug 28, 2018 at 01:59 AM

How to pass value from sub screen to main screen without press enter

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Hello guys,

I have two screens: a main screen 9100 and a sub screen 9101. In sub screen I declared below:

selection-screen: begin of screen 9101 as subscreen.
parameters: p_plant type t001w-werks,
p_bom type tc04-capid default 'PP01',
p_gi type t001l-lgort matchcode object zppe_filter_plant,
p_gr type t001l-lgort matchcode object zppe_filter_plant.
selection-screen: end of screen 9101.

And main screen 9100 I declared a table control

When i run program, the program will be show:

When i input data in plant ex 5000 and PRESS ENTER. The seach help in Material (Main screen) will work. It will show all material in plant 5000.

My question is: How I pass value 5000 of Plant (from Sub screen) to Search help in Material (to Main screen) WITHOUT PRESS ENTER.

Thank you so much !!!


picture-screen.png (23.0 kB)