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Aug 27, 2018 at 09:13 PM

Transition to New Purchasing Groups

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Hello Everyone,

It's my first time posting a question so please forgive me if I have left anything out/or included too much!

I've been assigned the task of transitioning our organization from one set of Purchasing Groups based on individual buyers to a new structure that will instead be based on Commodity Groups. I have tried to identify all areas that will be affected and/or require updating, however since this is my first time completing such a transition I want to ensure that I haven't missed any areas. Can anyone provide any additional details/insight that I may have missed? Your help is greatly appreciated! :)

We have identified the following areas as needing updates:

- Purchasing Groups ( we will create the new groups and mark the old as "DO NOT USE" so that we don't encounter any issues when trying to pull historical data)

- Bid Master (We had a Bid Master "Z" transaction created to link our agreements based on our current Bid/contract award structure)

- Agreement Master (It seems we must update the Bid Master first and then our agreement master files otherwise errors occur)

- Material Groups (Removing all PGroup references in the material group descriptions)

- Material Master (We will be updating 30,000+ material master files with the new PGroups)

- Variants (Update Variants used by Purchasing team for ME51/52/23N & ME21/22/23N)

*Our release strategies won't be affected as they are not currently based on the PGroups we have in the system.

Based on this information can you see any areas that I may have missed? I want to ensure a successful (i.e. pain-free) transition.