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Aug 27, 2018 at 12:28 PM

Issue in saving files with Chinese name to MII server



We are using a web interface (.irpt) for uploading files to MII web directory.

Problem: Files with Chinese names (for ex. 测试文件.pdf) are uploaded to MII with different characters ("测试文件.pdf" for 测试文件.pdf) in the MII workbench web directory. The file content looks alright on export but it posses issue with accessing this file again by its name.

MII version I am using is 15.3 where the files are sent to servlet JSP using an AJAX XMLHTTPRequest. At the jsp servlet layer, DiskFileUpload class is being used to parse the multi part form data and further extract the file name with the getName method of FileName class. I tried hard coding the file name in JSP in Chinese characters and it worked, but doesn't work with the file name actually passed from the AJAX request file context.

Another strange thing here is the Chinese character file name are saved correctly on another environment with same version. Could there be any setting at the servlet config level on the two servers?

Appreciate your time for going through the post and and any help.

Thanks in advance