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Jun 25, 2009 at 01:44 AM

0recordmode : when some key field change,How to update data field ?


I extracted data from a datasource of DB connect .This datasource is based on a database view ,the view has a column field (flag mapping the 0recordmode of the transformation) .

Then I plan to use the timestamp of database view to implement the delta data (base on the create_date and last_update_date).

My scene is I have a ODS with key fields (order ID and product ID) and data fields(quantity) .

I have loaded a record into ODS previously .Its content is orderid00001 , productid0001 , 100(quantity) .

In addition, the order id is the primary key in the database.

But now some user change this data in the database .This content now is orderid00001 , productid1111 , 111(quantity) .if I use the flag(0recordnode:D ) ,I plan to delete the orderid00001 ,But it doesn't work . I plan to user 0recordmode : blank to override the record (orderid00001) .but because the combined key (ord id product id is different ) .It doesn't work .I hope the result is changing the two part (productid1111 , 111(quantity)). HOW?

My question is how to change the ods data base on the order ID.not only change the key fields but also the data fields .

Hope for your answer online .thank s