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Former Member
Jun 24, 2009 at 08:42 PM

Processing Work Center Formula



I am selecting Work Center Formula from table TC25. Based on the formula, I need to calculate the standard hours in a report.

select single ftext into tc25-ftext
        from tc25
       where ident = crco-forml.

I got the value of tc25-ftext as = SAPC00 + ( SAPC00 / 2 ).

I have already determined the value of SAPC00 as 7.000.

Now I have to calculate the "Standar Hours" based on tc25-ftext using the values like:

std_hrs = 7.000 + (7.000/2) = 10.500

But depending on the value of crco-forml, the value of tc25-ftext also varies (dynamically).

So can you please let me know how to build logic for this?

Thanks for the help.