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Jun 24, 2009 at 08:05 PM

Configuring A Deployment Scenario Using Service Operations?


We imported a WSDL file from a vendor u2013 it defines a dozen or so messages. So I created a Service Interface with several operations:

u2022 JobService.CreateJob

u2022 JobService.CancelJob

u2022 JobService.ChangeJob

u2022 Etcu2026

During design time, the operation mappings are easy to use. The operation mappings use the interface operations u2013 for example one an IDOC to JobService.CreateJob. However, deploying a scenario to use service operations is apparently a bit more difficult.

My receiver system has several SOAP receiver communication channels u2013 each receiver channel specifies a unique SOAP action & corresponds naturally to a service operation. Therefore I need I need a receiver agreement that looks at BOTH the service interface AND the service operation so that I can bind it to the correct communication channel.

In the Integration Directory, the Interface Determination step only allows you to select an interface, but doesnu2019t provide the ability to specify a Service Operation. You have the same situation in the Receiver Agreement u2013 you can name the interface, but not select a specific Service Operation.

So how do you configure a deployment scenario to take advantage of service operations?