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Jun 24, 2009 at 03:24 PM

KANBAN with External Procurement



Im working woth the KANBAN External Procurement process and I have a question.

Till now the when I set to empy the container the JIT call is generated and a printout is generated to be sent to the supplier.

Then, we create a new form when receive the goods in with the transaction PJWE.

For this, in the Control Cycle I set the following in the Print Control tab:

PrintKanban = 2 (Kanban print at goods receipt)

Output Device = XXXXXX (the printer in the reception area)

Ctrl Cyc. Form = GR_KANBAN (form that we want to put in the container when receive the material using the PJWE)

Then our problem is that when we receive the goods in the form GR_KANBAN is not pronted...

what we can doing wrong??