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Jun 24, 2009 at 03:02 PM

Temporary error "A Crystal Reports job failed because a free license ..."


Hi all,

We coded with VS 2003 a .NET 1.1 application which using the Crystal Report 9 Redistribution package .NET ready to display reports from measured data from our device. The data is stored in a SQL Server 2000 MSDE. Crystal Report has his own DB connection to the SQL server to read the data to display the report.

Our application runs well on approx. 100 distributed installations. But on six customers installation we get this error. Actual on two customers PCs using the same DB we get the error "A Crystal Reports job failed because a free license could not be obtained in the time allocated.". This error pop up every time, when the report is shown. Although the report get shown completely.

I observed in the 'Windows Event Viewer => "System" log after the above-mentioned error following entry "Crystal Report job was delayed 2 (sec)." once for every time when the user requested a report.

I restored an empty DB on customers PC and the error don't pop up anymore.

All CR .NET assemblies have the version 9.2.3300.0. I tested also the "", but it doesn't help. I had checked for hours all the issues about this error message on the internet. I tested the most fitting solutions, but not one fix the problem.

I tested customers full DB on my Virtual Machine with same installation, but I don't get the error.