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Former Member
Jun 24, 2009 at 02:38 PM

Generate Combinations conflict with Char Relationships of type derivarion


Hi All,

When you have characteristic relationships with derivation, Generate Combinations function execution is generating the following message.

Inorder to ignore the char derivation, we have created the generate combinations function on an aggregation level that includes the target characteristics also.

Once I deactivate the char relationships of type derivation, the function runs fine. But, this is not practical as the user clicks on a button called 'Plan', that should execute the Generate combinations function to open up the planning.

Error message:

Cannot generate combinations in step '01'

Long Text:


The query is parameterized so that aggregation level combinations are derived for all characteristics according to how the characteristic relationships are maintained. However, in the current step '01', no combinations have been generated.

System Response

Manual planning is not possible because valid combinations could not be derived within the selection.


Correct the settings for the step '01' in the context of this InfoCube 'ZPCA_R01' and, if necessary, in the characteristic relationship maintenance.

Procedure for System Administration