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Jun 24, 2009 at 01:40 PM



Hello everyone,

I am a security person and i just joined this customer.

They are using a two step approach for user management ... first step is to create a user on the back end and they have a custom program which gives an output file which is then uploaded onto the portal, now i was suggesting why not we make the ABAp as the data source for UME, so that we make it a one step process and simplify our user provisioning mechanizm plus gives us consistancy in our approach.

i am afraid there is no one on the team who knows how to do that ...

my question is .. 1) is it possible to accomplish that without the use of LDAPS ( i have seen places where ldap is used but did not see the direct integration)

2) what is the risk /how difficult is it to do it myself ( is there anywhere i could find detailed documentation to accomplish this)

3) if we make abap as our data source, do the back end roles appear as role groups ? as with ldap groups?