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Large/Small quantity stock removal vs partial stock removal.

Hi All,

I am trying to get following configuration in place: Stock removal A (partial pallet) with Full stock removal "Checked" and return the unused stock to storage type mentioned under "return storage type". But I am getting following error "For Compl. Stock removal or SU managed, either pick point or return to same bin). But if you see the SAP documentation it allows this configuration. My 2 storage types which I am using have SU & non-SU managed with putaway strategy as "next empty bin" as we don't know what are the weight or quantity restriction on each rack location for now.

My second config issue is related to usage of stock removal strategy M (large/small qty). Like mentioned above I have to area; SU & non-SU managed. And I would like to use F (FIFO) strategy for non-SU managed inventory and use M for SU managed inventory with an option of checking if the quantity is higher than SU, pick the remaining small quantity from non-SU managed place. Can I acheive with different stock removal at storage type level; one with M and another with F or do I need to have M.

Let me know if more clarity is required to provide responses.


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2 Answers

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    Jun 24, 2009 at 11:15 PM


    For 1:

    Partial picking can be done on a SU with the usage of a pick point . The pick point is a place where materials are brought and moved for a partial pick up from an SU. In the std system storage types 010 & 011 have been defined for the same.

    you may refer to the following link: Partial pick using a pick point and how you carry out with SU's invloved.

    For 2:

    When you want to use M as the stock removal strategy, the following needs to be done:

    1) You define a "small" storage type where only a limited quantity can be removed. ( the control qty in the WM2 view of MM)

    2) You define a "large" storage type and this will be removing quantities above the control quantity limit

    3) Define the control quantity of all those materials that you want to be picked from the small storage type. (This could probably correspond to your SU qty, )

    you need to have the smaller storage type set as "M " and when you are customizing search strategy for the storage types ( SPRO > LE >WM--> Strategies >stock removal strategies > Define strategy for large/ small qty, you can then define the first storage type for E as smaller storage type and then the larger storage type i.e. the second one should be higher than the preceding one.

    Please see if this helps.


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    Jul 01, 2009 at 08:13 PM

    I am closing this as no new response resolved this issue. Thanks.

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