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Aug 24, 2018 at 12:04 PM

Dynamic Modification Rule at Characteristic Level (For Usage Decision)



I am working on dynamic modification rule at characteristic level (for usage decision) . However, the rule can only work if I select the modification rule at lot creation. If I select modification rule for usage decision, the rule cannot work at all.

Here is my basic working step:

Create DMR at QDR1

  • Select modification rule for usage decision
  • Create stage

Create inspection plan at QP01

  • Select dynamic modification level at char.level (header detail)
  • Select the created DMR (header detail)
  • Update DMR for characteristic that need to apply for modification rule (characteristic overview)

I can’t activate DMR at lot creation level because we can’t skip the inspection characteristic without confirming the results recording. However, it appears that the system force to select LCr ( at lot creation) to enable the rule. Need advice how to solve this.


w7kx2.png (97.9 kB)