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Weird situations with PSA

Hello friends,

I am working on SAP version 74 (NOT HANNA) and last week I encounter with 2 very

unusual situations with PSA's on Process Chains :

1. We created process chain with process "Delete request from PSA". The PC is

schedule on background runs every day at 03:00 AM. In the process I have 4 Data Sources (FM DS). The PC shows that it is completed every time successfully with no errors but in fact it does not delete one of the PSA's (the DS - 0PU_IS_PS_32).

Even when I separate the DS- 0PU_IS_PS_32 to another "Delete request from PSA" process it does not delete the PSA even though the PC "is green" and finished successfully. When I go to the PSA and delete the PSA manually it is deleted!

2. Another weird situation appeared - I have an other PC that scheduled daily. The PC loads DS 0PROG_POS_IVPR_HIER and shows that it is completed every time successfully with no errors. but the data is not really loaded, just after I do it manually("Start" the IP) it works.

I have no idea why these strange situation happens and I would like your professional opinion about them please.

Do you have ideas of the problem? Ideas for solving it? Ideas for checking I can do? Is it a known problem?

Thank you. I'd appreciate your help regarding .

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2 Answers

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    Former Member
    Nov 15, 2016 at 11:44 AM


    1. please share psa deletion variant option which you have selected.

    Normally we delete psa data request which are older than n days. in your case how you want delete? what options you selected at psa data deletion variant.

    2. please check your info pack log(how much time taking, is it process records)s which ran thru your process chain?

    lets remove your chain fro schedule, remove your info pack process, save and activate chain.

    again re-add your info pack ,save and activate chain. run and check it if your authorized to modify chain in production.

    is it full load info pack? if yes then lets create new info pack and add your chain and see.


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    • Former Member

      Thanks for the quick answer.

      1. I selected "Deletion of Requests from PSA". I delete all the requests that are bigger than 0 days - so that it will always delete the last request. Unfortunately I have no option to add a print screen. In the variant I have 4 DS : 0PU_IS_PS_31, 0PU_IS_PS_32, 0PU_IS_PS_41, 0PU_IS_PS_44. it deletes PSA for all of them except of

      0PU_IS_PS_32. The "source system" in the variant is ok (all similar), "older than"-0, and it delete both green\red request

      2. I will check and try what you offer. i will let you know.

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    Former Member
    Nov 15, 2016 at 12:27 PM

    Hi Rob,

    PSA deleton step where you added in your chain. mean after loading to psa or before loading to psa?

    if you added after loading psa please change as below.

    First delete your psa old requestswhich are older than 0 days and later load psa request and update targets. Mean add you psa deletion step before loading to PSA.

    Or, you can add psa deletion request after loading data to targets. but psa data deletion variant use older than days as 1 day. lets test at dev system for one full load and see.

    hope it helps.


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