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Aug 23, 2018 at 10:48 AM

Custom Fiori URL mashup non editable in SAP C4C Customer screen


Hi Team,

We have configured a HTML Fiori mashup in SAP C4C Customer TI screen.

The URL takes customer ID as a parameter and shows a Custom Fiori application of QM11 report from SAP ERP system and we are calling the mashup URL via iFrame using HTML code.

Issue: Currently we are not able to edit this mashup, the entire iFrame is non editable when you hover over it. Functions like scroll, search or select is not possible.

The mouse pointer turns into a circle icon with a cross.

We have followed the below notes(OSS note 2319727 and then the subsequent linked notes – 2333957 for Fiori Launchpad and 2142551 for configuring Whitelist in AS ABAP) to resolve the click jacking protection but not able to resolve this edit issue.

Kindly suggest.