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Aug 23, 2018 at 09:27 AM

Adjust AuC downpayment amounts in the concern currency area


Dear Experts,

we have faced the issue with the down payments settlement from internal orders to AuC.

The new Asset Accounting is active, and there is a depreciation area for the second company code currency - the concern currency type 30. The area is set up to adopt APC values from the area 01, the area does not post.

For a certain time the values in this area were not updated while Internal orders settlement, e.g.:

1) a down payment is posted (F110) with the Int.Order assignment;

2) the order is fully settled to an asset via KO88;

3) the value in the area 01 is equal to the down payment amount - it is OK, the value in the concern currency area is 0 (and the amount in the corresponding FI-document is 0 in the second currency, which is the second side effect of the issue).

As far as down payments were cleared, the negative amounts were settled to the AuC, to both areas this time. Thus, we got the negative balances in the "Advance payments" line in Asser Explorer for this area. Since there were no errors in KO88, the issue was for quite a long time not observed.

The system has been updated recently, and the issue was obviously fixed by SAP, but we have to eliminate the critical consequences: as we have some fixed assets with not fully cleared down payments to this moment, and we are settling some orders with the down payment clearing, we are facing the error: AA571 "Not possible to post down payment clearing". While debugging we have found out, that the system calculates now all the down payments (and in the concern currency area they are negative because of the previous issue), gets the negative values in this area and raises the exception.

We are now trying to find a way to adjust the down payment amounts in the second depreciation area and the amounts on the corresponding G/L accounts in the second currency, but FBB1 anf F-05 do not allow to post fixed assets.

Is there any report, that could fix this?

Many thanks!

Kind regards,