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Jun 23, 2009 at 09:14 PM

Loans disappear from report after fields from second table are added


We are using Crystal XI. We have two tables from a sequel database we use for the reports, and we always have. Suddenly, we have been experiencing problems with loans being dropped from the reports and we have been trying to isolate the problem. To troubleshoot, I created a very simple report to provide the loan number and the borrower name from Table 1. I did not create any parameters so the report provided the information for all loans in the database. However, when I add a field to the report from Table 2, either all of the loans disappear or the number of loans on the report are drastically reduced.

As another test, I created a report to include just the loan number. The loan number field appears in both tables. I get different results if add the loan number to the report from Table 1 than I get if I add the loan number to the report from Table 2. When I create the report, the tables auto-link with no errors.

I have reviewed all the report options and general options in Crystal and can't find why this is occurring. I have had our IT staff troubleshoot and help me test using older versions of the tables, but we get the same results. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.