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Jun 23, 2009 at 03:28 PM

CRM-Activity: send object with note - link / htm-attachment not working


Hello crm - experts,

when I work in an activity in crm-online,

there is a button where I can 'send the object with note'.

When I do so, I get an email with an htm-attachment.

When I open the attachemnt, there I should get transfered automatically to the

the activity, when not then I should use the link.

But there is no link , and I do not get automatically to the activity.

I get following in the htm:

System: CRP

Mandant: 001

BOR Objecttyp: BUS2000126

BOR Objectkey: A65BE9CEC8BD4305BBD655602D590943

Thats all, no link , nothings happens.

Does anybody know what ther could be the error ? Or isn't it possible

to get through a link to the crm-activity ?