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Former Member
Jun 23, 2009 at 02:33 PM

Usage of Java DC in WDP DC


Hi all,

I have some Java classes which are re-used in different WDP DCs

The normal procedure is as follows.

1. I created a Java DC and added my code there. I created a assembly type public part for runtime and compile type pp for build time.

2. I need a wrapper for this java dc (jars) and have that wrapper deployed on server so that I can reference that wrapper from Webdynpro during runtime.

The issue is with the creation of wrapper.

1. I tried to create a wrapper with J2EE Server Component -> library but my webdynpro code threw runtime exception saying NoClassDefFound and points to a class in package. My guess here is that Iu2019m missing runtime reference for on the wrapper. (though Iu2019ve given reference to mdm4j library from my webdynpro code)

2. J2EE Component -> Enterprise application module supports such a runtime reference in application-j2ee-engine.xml. But I canu2019t deploy the EAR file. I get None of the available containers recognized the components of application Error during deployment.

Am i creating wrong wrappers? or is the process of creating the wrappers is wrong?

Please explain.