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Jun 23, 2009 at 12:48 PM

certification question



Can you please share correct answers for these questions? True or False

1) In a time pair an employee works form 9.00 Am to 2.PM and then works further from 5pm to 10Pm in the night during the time wage type generation where can you Capture this setting?

u2022Planned work

u2022Overtime for time pair

u2022Time Pair with Overtime M need not necessarily generate Overtime wage types

u2022GWT Function in Table V_T510S is Processed simultaneously with Processing type S and M

2) The Payroll Schema describes Sequence of functions for respective Processing Step. Functions retrieve data for respective Processing step which has certain return Values which is true in regards

u2022 Reports RPDSAC00 is for easy views

u2022 Schema attributes

u2022 Certain Secondary wage types which are Company Specific

u2022 Table T510 J stores Certain Wage types

3) Voluntary deduction wage type is ( any one answer correct)

/101 / 102 /119 /106 /114 /109