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Jun 23, 2009 at 12:33 PM

Why can't I use distribution key "6"?


Hello everybody,

we made a planning per quarter in which quantities in tons are planned as well as a margin/ton. The users plans the quantities and the margin.

I would like to use a user specific distribution key by percentage for distribution of the quantities towards the monthly periods. This works fine, for ex.

jan. 10 %

feb. 20 %

mar. 2%


For the margin/ton I would like to use a ditribution key (for value distribution)which copies the value per quarter to the months of that quarter, for ex,:

Q1 40 euro/ton (it's a value per ton, so the value remains the same)

distribute with single value:

jan 40 euro/ton

feb 40 euro/ton

mar 40 euro/ton

I thought we could use dirstribution key "6" "Carry forward individual value" but this is not possible. This is an Entry help distr. key and according to the system I need a True distr. key

Can anyone help how to do this. Would appreciate it very much.

Best regards,