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Jun 23, 2009 at 11:00 AM

FPN Error in iviews


Hi All,

When i access the content from my user in the consumer portal I get the following error in my iview:

* Received remote exception on retrieving delta link remote state for consumer name 'nwban', remote path 'pcd:portal_content/other_vendors/every_user/com.bcone.MalitaFPN/com.bcone.WelcomeRole/com.bcone.Welcome/com.bcone.WelcomeMali', digest 'O0/hGSsm548N9MCJaeK9Gw==' for user id USER.PRIVATE_DATASOURCE.un:Guest *

I tried creating a url iview and I get the following error:

Portal Runtime Error

I have set the required permissions for the iviews in the producer portal. Am I missing anything else?

Can you help me with this?