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Jun 23, 2009 at 04:57 AM

How to set up Approval for Budget amount.



We need to set Approval based on monthly Budget amount wise

ex: We set up budget amount Total year is 60000 based on GL Account (Service Charges)wise in Budget scenario set up per month is i.e., April 5000

May = 5000

June = 5000

July = 5000

Aug = 5000

Sep= 5000

Oct = 5000

Nov = 5000

Dec = 5000

Jan = 5000

Feb = 5000

Mar = 5000. when user is adding more than 5000 for the month April though this service charges general ledger account in AP Invoice or Manual Journal entries or Out going payment we need to give alter like you need get approval, after getting approval only he need add these documents. Here we have taken example he got approval for 6000 for the month April. next month he may added 2000 through service charges acct here remaining 3000 we need to carry forward to next month and we need to show in alter when he using service charges general ledger account available budget balance for June is 8000 but here also if he using more than 5000 for the June month same Approval we need to show like You need to get approval. How we can set up for this? This is my query below

SELECT T0.[BudgId], T0.[Line_ID], T0.[DebLTotal], T0.[DebSTotal], T0.[DebRLTotal], T0.[FtrIDRSSum], T0.[FtrODRLSum], T0.[FtrODRSSum], T0.[MonthPrcnt], T0.[AcctCode] FROM BGT1 T0 WHERE T0.[DebLTotal] >5000 and T0.[Acctcode]=4110101001 this query I added in terms under Approval template set up for AP Invoice but when am adding Ap invoice through Service charges GL account itu2019s not showing approval message. Please guide me how to solve this?


Sampath Kumar.