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Jun 22, 2009 at 11:54 PM

Field data type conversion - How it affects the system


Hi Techies ,

I have got this task of changing the data type of the certain fields which are now of type dec,date to char

suiting one of the business needs.

Apparently it is a simple task and but have found it needs more research.

Steps I have planned to do :

1. Changing the type of the fields in the table which may result in changed date format to yyyymmdd and numerical values would result no change in their value

2.Finding the reports that use these fields in their arithmetic operations and disply, Correcting the reports

to make no flaw during execution and display

Are there any other checks I need make in order that this field type conversion would not make any flaw throughout production system.

As these field affect the more number of program, I think, The inputs from you guys would lead the successful execution of this task

Should I also need to deal with BAPIs and others associated objects.

Please provide your inputs on it.

I apprecite your valuable inputs


Manivanna Prabu