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Aug 23, 2018 at 06:24 PM

Connecting a web service to my ERP test tenant



I am trying to create a new BO solution in my test tenant.

I have an issue to create a specific logic in my Action script: I have a url path of an xml file that i am trying to read from, for example, in the xml file there is an element tag "NAME" and i want to read its value to manipulate it in the Action script.

Trying to solve that issue, i have created a java based web service that can manipulate the xml data as i wish. The web service is working on my local host, but in order to use its methods in the SAP Cloud Applications Studio, i need to deploy it online and then make a connection between the web service and my tenant.

I'm having trouble to publish the web service online on a remote server. Is there a possible way to publish my own stand-alone web-service in SAP Server? I opened up the service explorer in my tenant, and i wonder if i could import my web service to my tenant's host the same way as all the available web services there.

Additionally, is there another way to read the external xml file in the SAP Cloud Applications Studio?

Thank you for you time,

Dor Alon