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Jun 22, 2009 at 05:03 PM

STO PIR and Batch management


Hi All,

I've an issue. I honestly dont know where I can get a solution for that and thats why i will post it in mm and also pp forum.

Here is my issue.

All materials are batch managed. Each and every customer can get only certain batches and not all batches meet the requirement of a customer. Lets say I have 3 plants (plant 1, plant 2 and plant 3) and I have 3 customers ( cust1, cust2 and cust3). Lets say I get a demand for material and I create PIR's in plant 1. when I run MRP, it will generate planned orders. I convert that into purchase req and then into STO for plant 2. when plant 2 doesn't have the raw material to process into semi finished, I will create and sto from plant 2 to plant 3 to get the raw material. The reason we create sto to plant 2 initially is because it has to process something before it sends it to plant 1. so the link is from customer 1 --> plant 1 (finished goods) -- > plant 2 (semi finished) --> plant 3 (raw material).

Right from raw material it is specific to a customer. i.e. not all raw material batches from plant 3 will be accepted by customer 1.

so when the demand flows from customer 1 to plant 2, is there anywhere that I can keep track of for which customer that order is going and select raw materials based on the end customer ?

Also even though I maintain some information in text field in STO, when I run mrp at the supplying location for other plant, it will not pick anything up in planned order. how can we make it pick up automatically ??

I have no idea on VC, can I do anything with VC for this ?

or is there anyway that I can link together through enhancements, custom development, z tables for this ??

please do let me know