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Aug 23, 2018 at 10:35 AM

BoM Explosion in Customs Declaration


Hi All,

We have an unique requirement for BoM explosion.


BoM created as a Master data and available in MAST table.

But while creating PO and Inbound Delivery, we are not exploding the BoM into the documents. ( we are creating PO/Inb Del with header material only)


while transferring PO and Inbound Delivery, we have exploded BoMs and reference Customs Documents created with BoM Components.

PO(No BoM) --> Customs Document (with BoM Components)

Inb (No BoM)-->Customs Document (With Bom Components)

But while generating worklist "Create Cus Decl prior to Goods Receipt" the components are not exploded in the worklist".

I have also created BoP ID and assigned all the components in GTS Product Master data. but still it is not working.

Can you some one help me on this. it is very urgent.