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Aug 23, 2018 at 09:36 AM

service order with customer provided components



We have a customer request saying a motor has to be sent to us and repaired and sent back and billing document will be issued for the charges. Is there any standard procedure to handle that? my understanding is it's like subcontracting sales because we have to reflect all the goods movements in our system. What I'm thinking is -

  1. Post a GR(501) into our customer stock (B or C?)
  2. Create a service order in IW31 or just a normal sales order with a production order created at the same time
  3. Post goods consumption of the component against the production order and collect all the costs
  4. Post goods receipt with reference to the production order into customer stock again
  5. issue a billing document

I've been searching the forum for similar topics but most of them are talking about subcontracting procurement for a sales order....

Any input will be appreciated