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Nov 15, 2016 at 08:57 AM

Negative "insert free space" on DOL pages



Recently, I performed re-materialization of ASE-to-ASE replication with SAP Replication Server using dump marker and the connection to the replicate ASE started to fail from time to time with error 1157 - "insert free space in page header of DOL page is incorrect". After resuming of the connection once or maximum twice, the replication starts working again. I checked the "insert free space" on affected pages and it is indeed negative. Also, I tried to submit a problematic statement from the queue manually, but it (an INSERT) works without problem. It appears that "insert free space" is negative in the primary database two.

I have two questions:

a. How to fix "insert free space" without rebuilding of a table? The table in question is quite big and I didn't succeed to solve the problem by dbcc tablealloc with fix.

b. It is interesting that only RS, and none of my customer's applications, get errors 1157. What is special with the RS connection? May the problem expand to additional applications in the future?

Thanks in advance