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Jun 19, 2009 at 03:39 PM

How to populate fields



I am starting with Adobe PDF and this things look really good. In my form I am able to add a instance in order to get a new row. Pretty cool, almost phantastic 😊

After this first expressions the light got darker and the first questions occour. Maybe some of you can help me bringing some light into this darkness.

I have a table row with different fields. Now I would like to populate this fields (as combobox). I am doing it with a loop and $.additem(xy).

Regarding this comes the first question. Is this the correct doing or is it possible to bind my values to the field as a context? How is the "normal" way to handle the comboBoxes?

After the first value is set I would like to filter the possible values of a second combobox depending on the value of the first combobox. I would do this with the same loop like before but this time with an if-clause or is there a better "standard"/"best practice" to do so?

I have something like the following data to access. There is an context node and under this context node (data) with * items, I have the task and the description.



Is it possible to show the description in the combobox-dropdown and when the value is selected to put the task in the field?

Thank you in advance )and sorry for the bad description of the things I would like to do but it is difficult to explain because I am new to this topic),