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Jun 19, 2009 at 03:15 PM

LSO: 'Confirm Participation' link appears randomly for WBT and on-line test


Hi LSO experts,

We are having the following issue in LSO 600.

When one or more learners are booked for a web based training or

On_line tests, 'Confirm Participation' link does not appear on leraning portal for all

upon reaching 100% progress (successfully completing/passing) the E-

learning. Our WBT consists of E-learning with final exam

(created in Authoring environment with Test author and stuctured as

test element in a learning object) in it.

We are currently testing the system upgrade (ECC6.0 and LSO600 from

LSO300) and noticed the issue. Follow up control processing steps are

set up for all the delivery types.

3 Web-Based Training L Learning Portal K pass result (Time independent)

3 Web-Based Training S System B Rate Participation

3 Web-Based Training S System C Follow Up Participation

(without proficiency Change)

3 Web-Based Training S System I Follow Up Course

Same settings for On_line Tests as well. We have not maintained any

follow up setting at the course type level.

New authorization object (P_LSO_FOUP) for follow up for LSO 600 has

been added to 'Training admin' and LSO learner role.

Any help to resolve this issue is greatly appreciated.

Thanks and regards,