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Jun 19, 2009 at 12:01 PM

Delta load to the PSA and Cube with different values from R/3


Dear all,

We are using BI7.00 and R/3 version 4.7. In one of our finance data source 0EC_PCA_1, during reconciliation, we found for some recon account the balance in R/3 for the period 000.2009 is zero whereas the data in the PSA and the cube shows balance values.

I could not understand how this has occurred.

Can experts help me to understand the following.

1) what could be the possible reasons for this entry in BI -> so that the same can be simulated in our Quality client

2) Correction method to solve our problem.

We did the following.

1) In R/3 we again executed the transaction for getting the zero balance and the next day delta was montiored but still the difference persists.

The load directly goes to the standard cube 0PCA_C01 -> without any ODS in between.

Experts help will be highly appreciated, as I could not percieve the reason expect only one thing that without any R/3 entry there cannot be delta update with value to the PSA -> but what entry has caused this is incomprehensible.